Creative Design, Artisanal Printing. 

Catalina Rojas

After studying at Rhode Island School of Design, Catalina Rojas returned to her roots in Chile where she continued her studies and completed her BA in Design. While searching for inspirations for her thesis, Catalina was given the opportunity to work for the  Glimmerglass Opera in upstate New York. During this time, she was also volunteering at the New York State Historical Association where she was offered a scholarship to Cornell University for book binding. While at Cornell, she mastered the art of book preservation and gained understanding of the structure and engineering of paper. With her new gained knowledge, she began working on book restoration for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Academy of Medicine, and volunteered at the Center for Book Arts. 

Ultimately, Catalina found her niche in graphic design. Rojas is known for her handcrafted one-of-a-kind custom paper collections and packaging. She is a designer with a unique balance of creative and technical expertise. Over the years, after creating pieces for clients in those and various other fields, Rojas has always felt grateful for the opportunity to help solve her customer´s needs. Her eye for color and form, and her contageous ¨Joie de Vivre¨ are reflected in her designs. 

Rojas believes it is important that her clients feel they have an input into the creative process of her custom work. Achieving a good working realtionship ensures a smooth design development and happy clients. As Rojas said, in frantic, fast paced lives, it is tempting to replace hand-written correspondence with e-mail and e-cards. But Rojas believes that people don´t have to forget the importance of taking the time to personalize a letter, invitation or announcement. 

A small luxury stationery and design studio located in a sunny corner of Miami Ironside.